Renewed Interest on Japanese VN

Since last year, I have lost my interest in reading with Atlas, a tool that can help me understand Japanese VN better. That’s why I’ve been doing this hobby on and off, waiting for English Translation projects. Last week though, I’m back to using Atlas again, it’s all because of the urge to play Hatsuyuki Sakura. And oh boy, what a tear-jerking VN it is. Hence why I’m interested on reading Japanese VN again. These last two days I explored VN blogs to pick up some Japanese titles, and now I have some good-looking titles on my backlog!

So what’s up with this new blog? This is just for me to ramble on anything VN-related, I don’t have any companion VN reader among my friends. With this blog, maybe some unfortunate surfers stumbled upon my Engrish posts, haha. In any case, enjoy and welcome to my blog!

Also, What is a blog post without a picture backing it up? *Insert random CG that warms my heart from Hatsuyuki Sakura*

Expect my review on this excellent game in the near future!


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