Euphoria Impression

God dang it, this is way better than I expected. After I read the review of Belucre and Nargrakhan, I expected a dark guro with a good story, not a mindfuckery in a grand scale. At a first glance, Euphoria looks like a Saw-clone with the game and all. I have the same impression for some times while playing it. The game is still very good though, I really like the inner conflict in the main character especially. It gets even better as the focus of the game shifts from rape humiliation to life-and-death situation where everyone in the game shows their badassery, and again, special mention to the awesomeness of the protagonist.

The Game

But then, as I progressively enter my first route, Rinne, something happens. At first I was confused and was like “what the hell happened?”. As I read and read and read again and again, I’m greeted with the myriad of plot twists that are just so unexpected and random (in a good way) that are just mind-boggling. I can’t even say how much I really agree with the beforementioned reviewers, that the game is not everything this VN has to offer.

The protagonist just wants to be with her… Why fate is so cruel 😦

The only complaint I have is the ending is a bit of a downer. It doesn’t tie up the many questions perfectly, but they might be answered in the true route I guess. Oh well. Now, excuse me, I have to read the second route now, as in NOW. Good day 🙂


7 comments on “Euphoria Impression

  1. Bolverk says:

    :O When I first read the synopsis, I thought the game was a wierd long rape Nukige.
    Seems I was mistaken, now i want to try it lol!

  2. taylorfinch says:

    Are you playing this in Japanese? If not, where could a guy find the translation patch? You’ve got me interested!

    • taylorfinch says:

      Er, nevermind. Lol, read those other reviews and this one doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.

      • Permagate says:

        Understandable. This gem is all about walking through the landmines first (extreme nukige) before you arrive at the epic part (true route). Most people cannot stomach the former part 😦 Maybe I should emphasize those parts more in the review later.

    • Blue says:

      Supsiirrngly well-written and informative for a free online article.

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