Mini Review of Several VN

It’s been long since I posted something on this blog 😛 Not that I didn’t play any VN since last month, but I just face a writer’s block everytime I wanted to post something, haha. Anyway, I’m gonna post a compact review of all VNs I have played in the last month. I’m also in the middle of writing the full review of Caucasus, but that’s for later I guess. Onto the first game!

One of those awesome moment of hysteria

Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo ~Histoire de Destin~ is pretty good. Suffice to say, it has a well-thought out gameplay that managed to make it interesting throughout the early part of the game. Unfortunately, I get the impression that it becomes relatively unimportant the more you go deep into the game. That in itself is no problem since the story becomes more thrillish (if that’s even a word) as you progress, and the protagonist also becomes more… pragmatic. Now, if only the characters other than the protagonist are just as interesting. The story is good, the protagonist is great, the narration has its moments, so why am I dropping it halfway? It plainly because I cannot bring myself to care with the other characters. Their interaction is nothing to die for, the romance is just very unnatural, and there is no character development (again, other than the protagonist, but very understandable because of the story structure). Also, their sprites suck imo. But maybe, the primary reason I abandoned this VN is because of the next VN.

Favorite Character: Protagonist > Maybe Mitsuki (because of her role) > Everyone else
My VNDB Score: 8.0

My heart melts...

So, Ixrec released character route patch for Rewrite. Let me jump into the bandwagon of Rewrite player that surges following that announcement. So yeah, goodbye furuiro. When I heard Tanaka Romeo is the main writer for Rewrite, I already expected that this VN will not be your usual Key-like VN. I was right. For the common route, it pretty much has the light-hearted comedic routines that Key games always have, though I noticed that the humor is kinda different than the previous games. Then, enter the character routes. The mood immediately shifts. Depending on the writer, most routes written by Romeo Tanaka have depressing mood that slowly detoriates even until the end of the route. Lucia’s, which is written by Ryukishi07, has a very… interesting take. Expect multiple genre shift in that one. I have mixed reaction with the last writer. While Shizuru route is good, perhaps the most Key-like route in this VN, Chihaya route is just not my taste story-wise. But if you like reading overused Shounen-tropes, it offers oh so many battles with gazillion power-fest thrown here and there. Just don’t expect it to be death-filled battle in Romeo’s route, no one really kills anyone there. For now, I’m waiting for the last patch 🙂

Favorite Route: Akane > Kotori/Lucia -> Shizuru -> Chihaya
Favorite Character: Kotori > Akane >>>>> Chihaya > Lucia > Shizuru
My VNDB Score: 9.0

Trickster in da house

After reading Rewrite, I’m looking for a light VN to read. My choice falls on this Youkai-love VN. It has plethora of Youkai characters from Zashiki-warashi, Kitsune, Kage-Onna, and others. It certainly is very light-hearted, with focus splitted equally between romance and youkai-trivia. I only read Touka’s and Sachiko’s route however, before I got bored and moved on. Somehow, in both of them, the romance happens naturally imo. But other than that, there is nothing special, except mini youkai that appears from time to time in the background.

Favorite Character: Touka > Sachiko > Honami > Seori > Mikage > Everyone else
My VNDB Score: 7.4


Perhaps my second most favorite read of the last month, is Caucasus, in a relatively small margin with Rewrite. You play as a student stranded into an isolated family house, where someone suddenly has this great idea of executing a homicide. Detective play and murders ensue. Unlike Kara no Shoujo, this VN has numerous small branches here and there (with relatively two or three major routes) in the span of three days, so you’ll spend more times repeating and trying out stuffs. Imo, this gameplay is really great for detective gameplay, but other people might say otherwise. Though I agree it did make the story feels like too linear. Other than that, the production value of this VN is superb. All characters are likeable, their voice acting are just superb, the art and sprites are on another level than its peers, and the music fits my taste (sometimes classical, sometimes accoustic). But the romance sucks, though I don’t expect it to be great either from my experience playing Kara no Shoujo, haha.

Favorite Ending: Venio’s 2nd Ending > Both versions of True Ending > Other endings
Favorite Character: Venio > Souko > Seiji > Everyone else
My VNDB Score: 9.0

One of the best trap evar

Tomo, you are awesome. Unfortunately, many conversations you (and others) have, I cannot comprehend. So yeah, I’m gonna drop this for a while, but I’m gonna read it again one way or another sometimes in the future.

Let's make a harem

Harumade, Kururu is the VN I’m currently playing. I found it when I was browsing Moogy’s vote list (and it got 8.4, which is pretty good for his standard). Oh god, the amount of H-scenes is over 9000. But since they say don’t judge the book by its cover, I will at least read it until one ending. Besides, I just came upon this interesting conversation that suddenly showed up out of nowhere:

“…Shizuka. Can I kiss you?”

“…There is no restriction in Kyakya Ufufu World. So yes, please”

Shizuka closes one’s eyes, The face is brought close to me.

Cute face… Face that I want to destroy and desecrate.

*Dug Dug*

I take out the knife that is among my boots, thrust it into Shizuka’s middle of the forehead…

…But Instead, I kissed her.

That’s disturbing. But anyway, the dialogue so far is golden imo. Even if the story hasn’t reached serious mode on so far (only 1-2 hours played for now), it’s still very enjoyable. The characters’ antics and interactions are funny, rabu-rabu moments are everywhere, though with lots of H-scenes unfortunately. I can see why many people call this a nukige, but I’ll just wait and see if it’s only a nukige. It might turn out to be a pleasant surprise like Euphoria 🙂

Other than VN, I also read Godfather (for the first time) and re-reading The Prince. Good stuffs. Another reason why I lost interest in continuing Furuiro.


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