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This blog is mostly just a collection of reviews on visual novels that I have read. There might be lots of questionable grammars, as I am not native. Just let me know if you want to lecture me on grammars 🙂

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I have been reading Visual Novel since 2007. Around that time, I have finished reading the manga version of Tsukihime. Yearning for more, I searched some other adaptations of the series, and got my hands on the visual novel version. That was my first venture to visual novel. Since then, I’ve been on and off reading Visual Novel, mostly the translated one, but I don’t mind using Atlas.

I also love cute animals!!!


One comment on “About

  1. neromercer says:

    Hi, I’ve been struggling with formatting my PC all over again and again, and this is so hard to mantain working… anyways

    As I’ve seen, you use ATLAS for playing games, are they really legible?, I haven’t used ATLAS actually, so I’m downloading it so I can see how it works on other games.

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